A little bit about a "G"

Hello, my name is Grant Eney and I am a freshman student here at the College of Charleston. I was born and raised in Annapolis, Maryland, have a brother named Van and he is my only sibling. This year is by far the hardest year for me in my intire life. I didn't get into this college like everyone else did, I had to take two college courses and get a 3.0 total gpa to be accepted into Charleston. As if thats not hard enough, this past summer July 16th 2011 I lost my brother in a motorcycle accident. He was my best friend and I think about him every day. Now I am here at school just trying to make my parents proud and live for both me and my brother.

I think that this would be a good course for anyone who loves working with computors and has a good sence of humor because Professor Moore sure does! It is forsure not a cake walk class though, you have to do alot of work, but it is very manageable if you stay on top of it.

The Knowledge I Obtained

In this class we learned how use two different softwares to make differen't various assignments. Everything from posters to internet websites to calenders, we learned it. My favorite assignment would probabley have to be the first one where we made business cards and letter headings for a company. I feel that if I ever have my own company, that instead of paying someone to do it for me I can now use the skills I gathered from this class to do it myself.