Helpful links to refer to....

Free Backgrounds

This website is great because number one its free, number two; again, its easy to use, and number three, it is an easy way to spice up your website and choose a background that really supports what your website is all about. When i said it was easy to use i ment it, once you enter the site there are themes and groups to choose from that will help you make a decision on a background if you don't already know what you want.

Choosing Coordinating Colors

This website will enable you to pick the right colors for your website and help you choose them in a way that will help contrast your images in the proper manner. This website is user friendly which is nice espcially for beginners. If have noticed this while working on my own assignments in this class, that it's great to have something to refure to when trying to bring out images,text, or even get your point across by using darker or brighter colors to express what you are trying to say in text.

Vectors "n" Art

Using vectors and art cannot only make your site look good, but can make it look like a professonal designed it for you. However using vectors can be tricky at times, so make sure you know what you are doing and how it relates to other things on your website before placing it on there.

Direction Summary Website

I used this website when I was unsure of how to change a color in the begining of class and it has been helpful for many other things since then. Maybe it will help you to!!!!