I choose to make these posters the way I did in order to draw attention toward the posters with a colorful and interesting way. Still keeping it classy, I choose to take a Vincent Vango painting, as the background to give it an old classy view. This will bring people in from all over, because everyone knows about Vango, and how he brought huge background to art history. The poster shows interesting and distinct fun ways to bring in people from all over. I used bold font on all of the words so it was easy to read also.

puppie Calendar

I have always loved dogs so for this project I choose to use the colors that I did to really bring out the picture's of the puppies. The Reason I choose to use the puppies as the background is because I know that Professor Moore would like the cute puppies. I choose to use the font that I did because it is an easy to read font with big print. During this project I learned how to make the calendar to its perfection. The reason I outlined Monday in yellow on all of my calendars is because it was the beginning of each weeks for most months and I wanted to distinctly show that in each one of my calendars. In conclusion I choose to make this calendar the way that I did to show full potential and understanding of the material.

restaurant menu

For this assignment I run an electronic publishing and design company. In my field I am responsible for helping out upcoming and starting businesses. I help these businesses by using my publishing and design expertise’s to do and accomplish certain tasks for them such as making menus like the one presented in front of you at this time, and other documents company’s may need to help them. I have chosen to use the certain fonts and texts that I did to show the restaurants character and physique. By doing this it should bring in more customers by showing them the classy tastefulness of the menu. On the front of the menu I choose to put a picture of Megan Fox to really draw in future customers. This will show that the restaurant is delicious and has such tasteful atmosphere that even celebrities come here to eat. I have also put the monthly special right next to the picture, so not only do you know celebrity’s eat there but there is a specialty to go with it, in this case it is buy one get one free lobster tails. The menu also shows things such as pictures of the different types of foods that we acquire. So you can almost taste it through the picture. The menu is scattered with reasonable prices with still great food items.